Deleting a zombie redirect

Posted in General by Alex Stanhope Wed Jun 24 2015 12:12:03 GMT+0000 (UTC)·3·Viewed 457 times

I created a redirect using I then made the mistake of deleting it using the Shopify URL redirect interface. Now I've got a zombie redirect, which remains in the redirect interface: /products/floral-one-shoulder-dress-106187886.php I try to delete it using the redirect interface. It gives a message "URL redirect was deleted", but doesn't delete the URL. How can I delete this please?
Alex Stanhope
June 24, 2015

This problem is getting worse now. My first zombie redirect has spawned a second.
I tried to delete a batch of links that included the zombie. All deleted (message said "URL redirects were deleted"), except the zombie and one other: a new zombie! I suspect this happened because the deletion batch encountered an error deleting the original zombie and that left the following redirect in an inconsistent state.

Will Findlay
Nov 16, 2015

Seeing this same "zombie" issue, but in my case it was after manually creating a redirect in the Shopify app interface, then deleting it in the Shopify interface. Original link is - if you now go to that URL it tries to redirect, but instead I get a 404 here:

It should be redirecting to here:

If I try to recreate the redirect in Shopify app, I get a "path is already taken error" but there aren't any redirects showing at all.

Will Findlay
Nov 16, 2015

Somebody fixed my issue. Thanks!

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