CSV import failing

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I have the same issue as another user here, where the import says file is not a CSV. Using a Mac is not an option. I cannot get it to upload at all using Firefox on Windows 7. I've gotten the upload to work using Internet Explorer 11, but so far the entirety of the import has failed (300 and counting), none have been marked as importing correctly.
MAP Admin
Aug 25, 2015

To update this the import did bring some in, but there were tons of errors. I also got 4 emails stating the batch import completed, but I only imported one sheet (albeit a large one). I don't understand how to read the errors in here, as the numbers to match up to anything I can make sense of.

John Greer
Aug 25, 2015


We just added a new feature that will allow you to see a detailed report of the CSV import logs. When the import is completed, the email will now contain a link that shows the detailed logs. If there are any errors, you can click on the details to see specifically why it failed.

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MAP Admin
Aug 26, 2015

Thank you. I can still only get the CSV to upload via IE11 though, it always tells me the file must be CSV when I use Firefox or Chrome.

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