Path is already taken?

Posted in General by Stacy Thu Feb 11 2016 15:13:03 GMT+0000 (UTC)·6·Viewed 395 times

I am trying to get multiple links that go to the same page redirected, but it keeps coming up with Path is already taken Why?
John Greer
Feb 11, 2016

Hi Stacy,

You can create multiple redirects to the same target, but you can only have one redirect to a path.

Feb 11, 2016

Thank you for the quick reply. Can you please explain this a bit further? I'm not understanding the difference between target and path.

John Greer
Feb 11, 2016

As defined by Shopify:

Path: The "before" path to be redirected. When the user this path, s/he will be redirected to the path specified by target.

Target: The "after" path or URL to be redirected to. When the user visits the path specified by path, s/he will be redirected to this path or URL. This property can be set to any path on the shop's site, or any URL, even one on a completely different domain.

Tobee Keith
July 8, 2016


I still do not understand. If we have multiple products redirecting to the home page. Why can't I have multiple links redirect to a specific page?

John Greer
July 9, 2016

Hi Tobee,

You can have multiple redirects to the same target, but you can have only one redirect using the same path.

You can't do the following

path target
/products/old-product > /products/new-product1
/products/old-product > /products/new-product2

Peter Benes
Jan 1, 2017

John, I'm getting the same 'Path: has already been taken' error, but Old Path is unique. I've tried multiple times but the error keeps coming up the same. When I search the redirects, there is no redirect with the same Old Path. Please help?

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