What are target proxies?

Target proxies are a great way to give you insight on the traffic your 301 redirects are that are being requested.

Shopify's standard 301 redirects will simply forward the old requested path to the target URL. By using a Transportr redirect proxy, you can find out exactly when a redirect occurred, what the referring URL was, the IP address of the requester, and even if it's a search engine crawler.

This is also known as a "chained 301 redirect" and it is completely SEO friendly with all major search engines.

How do I update existing redirects to use a target proxy?

To update any existing URL redirects you have, just click the Export option from the CSV drop down on the redirects page in the Transportr admin. Once your export is completed, you can just re-upload it to and choose the "Use target proxy" option on the CSV import.